36 Days of Type is a project that invites Designers, Illustrators and Artists to express their views on letters and numbers of our alphabet. 

This was my first year taking part in this annual challenge and I'm chuffed that I finished the project.

Letters - 
Acoustic, Basketball, Campfire & canoeing, Dim Sum & Dumplings, Explore everything, Fermenting, Gardening, Hells Angel, Ice cream, Jazz, Kickflip, Lounging, Mountain biking, Newspaper, Om, Pianist, Qanon / Question everything, Rodeo, Surf, Tattooist, Underwater, Vinyl Shopping, Waterfall, Xanthopetal, Yo-yo, Zoot Suit

Numbers - I focused on our planets different terrains for this section.
0 African Plains, 1 Tundra, 2 Oasis, 3 Forest, 4 Steppe, 5 Rivers, 
6 Mountain, 7 Whale, 8 Desert, 9 Canyon

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